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2017 is going to be another year of new projects in the field of equipping watercraft, hotels, offices and construction of floating houses. We kindly invite you to regularly updated photo gallery of our work: and facebook.



Furniture from our factory on the catamaran OCEANOGRAPHER

The Gdynia Renovation Shipyard “Nauta”, which is being consortium with shipyard “Crist” built catamaran scientific- explorative for the Institute of Oceanography at the University of Gdansk.

The day 24th of June 2016 was special as the Unit got official name – Oceanographer. 

Most of the furniture was manufactured in a furniture factory in Pszczolki by our partnership Activ furniture. Our partner Activ Marine Interior done assembly work.

Oceanographer is a modern and highly innovative unit marked by the Polish flag, which is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the Baltic Sea.

At the unit has been installed modern equipment, which enable the study of bathymetry, chemical, geological and seabed. This modern unit will improve the quality of research.

For both the shipowner and the shipyard, and for our company Activ furniture as well, implementation of innovative, modern ideas improve us and further development of the sea business.



The company Activ Furniture has finalized outfitting and installation work for Allcon Company


Proud to announce that we have finished outfitting and installation work for Allcon Company. The new office building „Łużycka Plus Office” in Gdynia has been equipped with our kitchenettes, wardrobes and built-in TV.


We would like to present photoreport from SMM 2016


To see full album click here:


International trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology SMM 06 ? 09 sept 2016 , Hamburg

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, as every two years we hereby have the honour to invite you to visit our stand during the SMM 2016 Maritime Trade Fair which will take place in Hamburg on September 9-12, 2016. We encourage you to meet with us accompanied by a glass of champagne at our stand no: B5/209.

See you on the spot!




What?s going on in Activ group?

More and more newly built naval units launched in our Polish shipyards are equipped by our company – Activ.

Our specialists are currently working on military units, specialized ships, ferries and exploratory vessels. In addition we carry out repairs of ships and yachts on a regular basis.

Marine markets – German, Danish, Norwegian, and lately Spanish hold us in high esteem, because we provide our clients with turn-key solutions.

Starting from placing the insulation, boarding, floors, providing furniture to even hanging the curtains and paintings.

For the majority of our projects we provide furniture manufactured in our factory in Pszczółki, where apart from wooden furniture production we create metal furniture.

We also develop our yacht production business. Our new headquarters for the Activ Yachts company, which specializes in yacht and houseboat production, is located in Cedry Wielkie.


A new Leaflet Activ Group - Winter


Activ Meble sp z o.o. US Joiner LLC

Activ Meble for US Joiner LLC

Our latest very unusual (unique) furniture realizations, that were intended to equip the passenger ship “Norwegian Epic”.




The approaching end of the year 2015 for “Activ Meble” was very productively intense. We have completed another interesting projects for “Bartnik”, which in the future is to fulfill the functions of a modern hotel in Pszczólki village in Pomorskie province.
Our projects for “Bartnik” included furniture equipment, on-site installation, public rooms, suits and family rooms, rooms for the disabled people, single rooms and double rooms.
Our design office in Pszczółki was responsible for designing the furniture projects as well as the visualizations.
We invite you to check out our gallery.



Activ Meble realized a very interesting project outfitting the main lobby 's EKOLAND in the new opened office ENTER in Gdynia.

Welcome to our photo gallery.


We are proud to announce that on April 9, 2015 the Polish Ministry the Interior, issued for the company Activ the legal concessions regarding the implementation of economic activities in the production and trade with explosive materials, arms, ammunition and technology for military or police purposes.


Villa Aqua 

Welcome to the photo gallery of the renovations made

by Activ Furniture Factory for the Best Western Hotel -Villa Aqua in Sopot.

Now there is a beauty.



Please be advised that our online store ,changed its name to store ACTIV MEBLE (Activ furniture),owned by Activ Meble Sp. z o.o.,

part of ACTIV GROUP.

Activ Group brings together three separate companies operating in different areas  the industry:

1) Shipbuilding sector- Activ Marine Interior

 2) Yacht sector  - Activ Yachts

3) Furniture production sector - Activ Meble

The main headquarters of the Group is located in Pszczółki, about 25 kilometers from the center of Gdańsk.

In furniture sector - we have a new version of our online store, specializing in sales of eco-wooden furniture.

Welcome to website:


Activ on SMM Maritime Trade Fair in Hamburg 

The international Trade Fair for Construction, Equipment of Ships, Machinery and Marine Technology, which is held every two years in Hamburg, this time from 9 to 12 September, resulted in business success for the Activ group.

SMM is the exhibition area about 90 thousand m2. Presentation of 2 thousands exhibitors from over 60 countries. Great shipbuilding companies operating on a global scale, and among them 45 Polish companies including Activ group.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, as every two years we hereby have the honour to invite you to visit our stand during the SMM 2016 Maritime Trade Fair which will take place in Hamburg on September 9-12, 2016. We encourage you to meet with us accompanied by a glass of champagne at our stand no: B5/209.

See you on the spot!

SMM 2014 Maritime Trade Fair in Hamburg

Activ Sp. z o.o. would like to kindly invite you to visit our stand during the SMM 2014 Maritime Trade Fair which will take place in Hamburg on Septrember 9, 2014. We encourage you to meet with us accompanied by a glass of champagne at out stand no: B5/209.

See you on the spot!

Activ furniture and the multifunctional office complex in Tricity

On the 2nd of January 2014 there was the grand opening of the „centrum for sports and recreation“ in the mutlifunctional office buidling in Gdansk.Activ furniture produced and assembled furniture according the projects of the investor for this modern building. See the results yourself in the photo album.


Baltexpo 2013

After Baltexpo 2013

We're already after Baltexpo 2013 in Gdansk, Poland, on which we have had a number of meetings with potential clients, we freshened up our relationship with current partners and also acquired new contacts.

We would like to thank everybody who visited our stand and spent a nice business time with us.

We are hoping for further participation of the Activ Group in the next exhibition, which are an opportunity to share the experience, discussions and search solutions for our company, and it’s all for the benefit of the development of Polish and foreign maritime industry.

Please, feel free to enjoy the photo gallery of the exhibition, as well as the video clips.


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